About Us

QuarteTones are a young a cappella quartet who mostly sing in the barbershop style. We started singing together through The University of Bristol Barbershop Singers, the original idea for the quartet being born sometime over the university summer break of 2009. Our line-up was finalised around November that year.

(c)2011 Event-Photos (http://www.event-photos.co.uk/)After qualifying for the semi-finals of the BABS National Quartet Competition in November 2010, QuarteTones were awarded the Sheng Pitchpipe: The Novice Quartet Trophy for the highest placing novice quartet at the 2011 convention in Llandudno. Later that year we qualified for semi-finals again, and we're currently in seventh place as we go into this year's convention in Southport.

We're also all members of the prestigious Great Western Chorus of Bristol, and hold 2010 Chorus Champion gold medals for our part in the GWC's winning package at the BABS annual convention.

Our repertoire consists of a wide range of songs; from classic four-part harmonies from the 1900s, to modern barbershop classics and show-stopping musical numbers.